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Workplace Change Consultancy

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your workplace?


It could be supporting an existing teamdeliver a future workplace project? 

Need someone to come or workplace initiative - but don't have the time or in-house expertise?


We can help. 

We provide bespoke workplace change consultancy on a flexible basis where we will work closely with your management and leadership teams on creating and or delivering workplace wellbeing initiatives and future workplace projects. 

We can simply make recommendations, proposing specific initiatives and suggestions complete with a full site survey and immersion date costing proposal and report


 and deliver rworkplace wellbeing initiatives or deliver workplace projects, all based on your specific business goals and employee needs. 

How it works

We can provide a recommendation report complete with recommendations costing analysis and proposed timescales based on achieving the proposed goal or objecktive


We can provide all of the above as well as p


If your a business who wants to  create a more inclusive workspace but doesnt have the time, reousce, capapcity or in-house expertise to carry out specific goals or projects then you're in the right place.

We have workspace consultancy expertise that can come and immerse themselves within your business and work with your leadership teams on specific projects or goals in mind. 

We can help to transform your workspace, make recommendations or deliver a workspace project that you have in mind. 

It could be a project that requires the delivery of new workplace projects, such as a multi site roll out programme suporting the delivery of a number of workspace rpojects


Or it may be a goal of helping tore- engage and re-connect with your employees to understand how they might feel better supported through direct engagement or feedback forums. 

Or it may be a specific project or goal that you alreadyhave in mind. 

Whatever your requirements may be, we've got your covered. 

How Can It Help Your Business?

What are the benefits of workplace consultancy?

People and physical locations are two of the biggest expenses for any business, equating for up to 60% of overheads. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on creating an office and culture that supports your people to maximise efficiencies and increase productivity. Since the pandemic hit, the importance of focusing on people and place is paramount. Workplace consultancy can help you to understand your company, your people and your physical locations and deliver insights and actions that will future proof your business and support employees, while reducing costs and waste. 









  • Enhance collaboration

  • Increase employee performance

  • Improve communication

  • Better support employee wellbeing

  • Improve cultural cohesion

  • Reduce workspace running costs

  • Lower rental costs

  • A workspace that supports the changing needs of the post COVID workforce

  • Improve office environmental aspects

  • Increased profitability 

  • Increase business agility & responsiveness to change

  • Elevate company brand and image 

  • Boost client engagement

  • Responsive to growth 


Pre & Post Occupant Analysis


As part of our inclusive design process, our design associates will carry out detailed pre occupant analysis  to understand your employee's current behaviours, occupancy and utilisation to create a brief.


Once the transformation is complete, we will share the post occupant analysis, which will highlight the fundamental changes and improvements in behaviour, occupancy and productivity. 

Improvements From The Introduction Of Biophilic Design 

13% Increase

seen to workplace wellbeing due to biophilic design

22% Reduction

in use of medication seen in healthcare environments


15% Increase

to workplace productivity

due to biophilic design


What Is               iophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a a human-centred design approach that incorporates a number of key design principles.  These will deliver tangible and financial benefits to the triple bottom line of people, planet and performance. 


Biophilic design draws from our innate attraction to nature and natural processes to improve the many spaces we inhabit. It will often incorporate 3 key core principles, often which include multi-sensory interactions:


Nature of the space, nature in the space and natural analogues


Through strengthening the human connection with nature, we can deliver significant benefits to the health and wellbeing of building occupants. This, in turn, can improve people’s experiences of spaces and their ability to perform tasks. 

Whether it's residential, retail, office workplace, education or hospitality, our associates unique research-led approach to interior and architectural projects helps us to create more productive, happier, and healthier spaces to live and work in.

images (14).jpg

Improvements From The Introduction Of Biophilic Design 

23% Increase

is what hospitality customers are willing to pay for a biophilic view

25% Increase

improvement to learning seen in educational spaces due to biophilic design & a reduction seen in ADHD



of employees now see care for wellbeing as a key determinant of whether to work for a company


The Process, Step By Step

Our architectural interior design, furniture consultant and project delivery associates have a portfolio of extensive experience on delivering projects of  varying  scales, sizes and budgetary constraints.


This extensive experience allows us to develop solutions for every client. ​


Through our initial conversations about the project scope and budget, we can create a bespoke package of services based on a client's vision, budget and individual needs.​


Our experts with work closely with you to deliver spaces that enhance occupant wellbeing and project specific outcomes.

Bird's Eye View Meeting Table

We will observe and analyse your existing spaces, gathering quantitative and qualitative evidence so that we can better understand the spatial and human opportunities that exist

Step 1
Pre-occupancy evaluations

Image by Med Badr  Chemmaoui

With the data we have gathered, we are now able to develop a brief that will fulfil the requirements for your specific requirements and your employees that use the spaces

Step 2

Development of your brief

Designer's Desk

We will provide you with a concept, outline and fully detailed design, pack for your review and feedback. Once this has been approved we will then provide you with fully detailed proposal 

Step 3
Design stage

Rest area at the front desk of the modern office, comfortable sofas and green plants.jpg

Now we have full approval and signed off the designs, layouts and proposals we can begin to deliver the works as well as all soft furnishings 

Step 4
Construction phase & furniture delivery

Casual Meeting

We create spaces which are durable yet capable of change so can grow and adapt with our clients changing needs so that these can be adapted and reviewed accordingly

Step 5
Post occupancy evaluations

Bringing Your Design to Life, The Refurbishment Stage

Our highly experienced furniture consultancy and refurbishment fit-out associates will take your design concept and carefully deliver and transform your workspace into a highly productive workspace, ready for you to move right into. 









Our highly experienced project and delivery associates have over 100 years of experience in delivering nationwide and smaller roll out programmes for the likes of banking giant HSBC, the MOD, DVLA, McVitties, the British Library, MET Police and Parliment, to name a few.  


We will work carefully alongside you to develop a suitable project programme ensuring projects are delivered on time and budget.

Sustainable & Regenerative Design

Our regenerative approach to sustainability means we aspire not just to reducing negative impacts, or doing ‘less bad’, but having beneficial effects on both people and the planet.

Our teams combined years of experience of designing for carbon reduction in the built environment with a scientifically human-centred approach, promote the use of Biophilic Design.

Green Buildings

As part of our fully inclusive design and refurbishment process, with the use of biophilic design, we use natural materials, light and plants. This not only provides multiple benefits to the occupants within the space but also the environment we live in. It can also increase biodiversity, reduce carbon footprint and help to conserve natural resources.


Our approach draws on human’s innate connection to nature, in the hope that it will instill the desire to take better care of the planet and create greater biodiversity. 


We create spaces which are durable yet capable of change so can grow and adapt with our clients changing needs..

We communicate the benefits of designing for human and planetary wellbeing to our clients throughout each project.

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Modern Office Interior
"My team and I worked extensively with Kirsty and her team on a GB business wide project, renovating and improving the look and feel experience for all manufacturing sites of my then employer as well as providing all of the furniture for a move to a new Global HQ.
I found Kirsty to be the consummate professional and someone who really took the time to understand the organisation, the culture, the people and the nuances geographically in a business with operations from Scotland to London.
Would highly recommend!"
Richard Greeves
PLC Category Lead,
Pladis Global
images (8).jpg
"Kirsty organised and managed the complete transformation of our offices and facilities as part of a full turnkey programme across three phases during lockdown.
Despite the obvious difficulties the project was a huge success.
Really great to work with Kirsty and the team and we are absolutely delighted with the results.
Happy to give the strongest recommendation of Kirsty to any prospective clients"
Michael Treacey
CEO at Mabeybridge,
(ACROW Group Global)
"Kirsty is one of the most passionate, organised and reliable people I have worked with.
I have been working with her for almost 3 years and she is one of lifes most enthusiastic and positive people.
She is highly dedicated, carefullycreating inspiring and creative workplaces that promote employee wellbeing.
I can highly recommend Kirsty and her team!"
T6 Transforming Surfaces
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