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'Training Down Your Stress'


We are living through times of change, challenge and uncertainty, which can naturally trigger cascades of hormones involved in the stress response.

In healthy amounts these hormones can have an adaptive effect, helping us rise to meet challenges and overcome adversity. Long term exposure however, can lead to feelings of overwhelm, mood disorders and burnout.

Fortunately, our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are shaped in part by the internal signals that arise in our body. When we learn to manage these internal signals we become more resilient and agile under pressure. 

Join us to learn science-base tools to improve resilience.

Topics Covered;

  • Deepen participants understanding of the physiology of stress

  • Provide dietary, lifestyle and supplementation strategies to calm the nervous system and prevent burnout

  • Share science based tips and tools to increase stress tolerance and build resilience

                   See other workshops carried out by Hayley, sich as 'talking menopause.'

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