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'Sleep For Emotional Wellbeing'


In our 24/7, always on culture, sleep is often squeezed by the pressures and demands of our daily lives.


Almost all of us will suffer from sleep challenges at some point in our lives.


A lack of sleep can hugely attenuate our energy levels, destabilise our ability to regulate emotional wellbeing and reduce professional productivity.


While studies suggest that most people need between 6-8hrs of sleep a night, the truth is that the amount you actually need is personal to you.


Join this fun, interactive session to find out how to work out your optimal sleep success formula and learn tips and tools to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Topics Covered;

  • Help participants understand the importance of sleep for health and emotional wellbeing

  • Provide a tool for them to calculate how much sleep they personally need

  • Teach how to apply the 3 most powerful sleep anchors and avoid the most common sleep wreckers

  • Provide nutritional guidance on proven sleep support aids

  • Explain the power of the unwind routine and help them establish and effective sleep set-up.

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