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'Talking Menopause' Webinar

The importance of providing a safe space for women to discuss menopause at work should not be underestimated.


After all menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce today. 


Some will sail through it, but statistics show that one in four will eperience serious smptoms that may impact their mental and physical wellbeing as well as their productivity and attendance in the workplace.

Lead by experienced womens health clinician, Haley Pedrick, this session is designed to destigmatise menopause and help women prepare for and navigate through the natural hormonal changes of this life stage.

Topics Covered;

  • ​Explore our feminine hormones, how they change and the impact this may have on our health and vitality in the menopause years

  • Troubleshoot the common challenges women face during this time including weight gain, hot flashes and insomnia

  • Learn the 'science of staying sexy' - an exploration of proven diet and lifestyle tools to support your body through the changes

  • Consider HRT and the alternatives to help you understand your options

  • A safe space to share challenges you're facing with others

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