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Creating Productive & Healthier Workspaces


Biophilic design.  What is all the hype about?


13% Increase Improvement to workplace wellbeing due to biophillic design 

22% Reduction In use of medication seen in healthare environments

15% Increaseto workplace productivity due to biophilic design

 23% Extra Is what hospitality customers are willing to pay a biophilic view

 20-25% Increase to learning rates in educational spaces with biophilic design & a reduction seen in ADHD

 85% Of employees now see care for wellbeing as a key determinant of whether to work for a company


Scientifically proven, these improvements can help to reduce stress and aid recuperation to improve mental and physical health plus cognitive performance, be it education, healthcare hospitality, or office working environments. 

Lead by Oliver Heath, he will explain what Biophilic Design is, how to apply it to buildings at a variety of costs, plus demonstrate how to build a business case to support its implementation. 


Biophilic Design;

Interactive Workshop


In this interactive works...

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Biophilic  Design;

Seminar Or Webinar


Biophilic design expert...

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