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'Imposter Syndrome'

Workshop or Webinar


‘You don’t know what you’re doing.’

‘At any moment, someone will expose you as the fraud you are.’

‘What made you think you were capable of attempting this?’

‘You’re a failure. A complete and utter failure.’


Recognise this narrative? This is the voice of imposter syndrome, and it plagues so many of us: in fact 82% of people are affected at some point. It’s our inner voice doubting our worthiness to be successful. It is a persistent detractor of our competence, often despite clear evidence to the contrary, and it is closely correlated with anxiety, depression, and burnout.


It’s vital we come to understand it better in the workplace both for ourselves and others for the mental health reasons already mentioned, and also because it seriously holds individuals back in career progression and reaching their potential.

It can mean that:

  • we don’t ask for that pay rise or promotion we know we’re entitled to

  • we don’t speak up in meetings, and

  • we don’t accept credit where credit is due.


In this interactive workshop or online 1 hour webinar, Helen will share techniques for recognising and combating impostor syndrome. In particular, she will help participants learn how they can lessen its impact and even transform it into a strength. Participants will also cultivate a personal toolbox that they can utilise going forward whenever impostor syndrome rears its head.


Key Takeaways


Participants will: 

  • gain an understanding of the causes of impostor syndrome and its effects,

  • cultivate the ability to recognise impostor syndrome in themselves and others,

  • cultivate a toolbox of techniques to help them cope with and combat impostor syndrome in order to feel more successful and fulfilled at work and in life,

  • learn how companies can create a culture which combats imposter syndrome (this is particularly relevant for managers and leaders),

  • gain an improved sense of their own value as they discover that nearly everyone else feels like an impostor too, and

  • learn how to create a mindset shift, so that they can shift imposter syndrome to become a superpower rather than a weakness.

For more workshops carried out by wellbeing and performance expert Helen, see 'How to get ahead in your career workshop.'

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