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'How to Stay Healthy, Body & Mind'


In March 2020 almost overnight, our homes- ordinarily spaces for relaxation and leisure- were transformed into 'hoffices', blurring the boundary between work-life and home.

A year on and research is suggests that the new arrangements have resulted in UK workers increasing their working weeks by almost 25%.

Lack of focus and motivation are among the top complaints and there are concerns that burnout is on the rise.

Join us as we explore brain-friendly ways of working which help you to find your flow - improving focus, igniting energy and motivation and preventing the development of burnout.

Topics Covered;

  • Brain-friendly ways to eliminate distraction and improve focus

  • How to harness your biorhythms for improved productivity

  • Practical ways to reignite your motivation

  • Effective strategies to safeguard your energy and prevent burnout

For more workshops carried out by Hayley, see finding your flow.'

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