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'Feed Your Focus'


Millions around the world have complained that they are suffering from 'pandemic brain', voicing fears that they will never be able to focus and concentrate again.

Neuroscience reveals that an inability to focus isa common symptom of mental fatigue, brought on by the constant fear and uncertainty of the ever-evolving virus.

Thankfully science also offers us insights into how we can help our brains to operate more efficiently through these COVID pressures.

In this workshop we'll be exploring how to eat to feed your focus, how to enhance concentration through supplementation support and science-supported tools for improving your stress band width and keeping a clear head under pressure.

Topics Covered;

  • Discuss dietary strategies that promote information processing and mental clarity

  • Explore the effect of fasting on focus

  • Understand how 'brain stacking' supplementation can be used to enhance concentration

  • Discover science-supported tools for improving stress tolerance and keeping a clear head under pressure


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