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'Brain Maker; Eating For Mental Health'



Our thinking clearly influences our mental and emotional wellbeing.


However, what most people don’t realise is that there are biological factors that can influence our mind states as well.

The food that we choose to eat can either help or hinder our mental states. What's more, the state of our gut - often referred toas our 'second brain' - strongly influences mental wellbeing too.


Join us on this webinar to discover how to create a healthy gut-brain connection and to learn which foods which strengthen your brain and safeguard your mental health.

Lead by experienced womens health clinician, Haley Pedrick, this session is designed to destigmatise menopause and help women prepare for and navigate through the natural hormonal changes of this life stage.

Topics Covered;

  • Understand one common dietary mistake which can disrupt mood​

  • Explore the top foods to eat for brain health (and what to avoid)

  • Explain the gut-brain connection and how to create a healthy balanced microbiome to support mental wellness

  • Touch on 3 effective lifestyle support strategies to promote mental wellness (exercise, light, sleep)


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