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'Burnout to Balance'

Workshop or Webinar


Burnout has been described as an ‘epidemic of our time’, which has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.


So, what can employers and employees do about it? This workshop is here to help.


Employee burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and long-term stress.


More than three-quarters (79%) of UK workers have experienced burnout, with 35% reporting high or extreme levels.


It’s therefore obvious that preventing burnout and looking after our wellbeing should be a top business priority across the board. But what does that look like?


It's impossible to avoid stress, because stress is an intrinsic part of life.


However, by:


  • understanding our own stress response,

  • building positive habits to manage our energy and stress levels,

  • learning how to work smarter and not harder,

  • playing to our strengths, and

  • learning how to build and learn into our social support networks,


we can create a happier and healthier lifestyle, and avoid burnout.


Drawing on the latest research, this practical workshop focuses on how we can all create sustainable wellbeing and performance through increasing our self-awareness and the cultivation of simple daily habits.


Key Takeaways


Participants will:


  • explore what burnout is, including the science, signs and lived-experience of burnout,

  • learn how to manage their stress levels and energy in this fast-paced world,

  • learn how to play to their strengths and tap into their values, to create the foundations for a happy and balanced life, and

  • learn about the power of self-acceptance, compassion and human connection.


For more workshops carried out my our leadership and wellbeing expert Helen, see 'Imposter Syndrome'

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