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'Banter In The Workplace'


This session is designed to examine humour and how it manifests in the workplace

and how colleagues can reflect on whether it is benign and affiliative, or has the

potential to alienate others.

In response to the lockdown, this course has been developed to help bring teams

back together and create connection and empathy.


Through the lens of humour, it examines how codes, ‘banter’ and ‘in jokes’ can both

bring people together and create cliques. This course develops self-awareness and

equips participants with the skills to challenge and combat

inappropriate banter.

Lead by Equality, Diversity and Inclusion expert, Ali Hannon who has extensive experience

of supporting senior executives and organisations on their diversity and inclusions



Ali's focus is on creating safe spaces in which delegates can discuss, explore and

navigate tricky topics and find their own routes to a better understanding, currently

enjoyed by students across the world.

See more workshops carried out by diversity and inclusion expert, Ali Hannon such as 'Cultures of Belonging'

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