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'Biophilic Design - Inspiring Happier, Healthier & More Productive Places To Work, Naturally'


Seminar Or Online Webinar

Biophilic design expert, Oliver Heath explores the emerging science and style of Biophilic Design; discussing new research that demonstrates how strengthening the human connection with nature we can improve the many spaces we live and work in.


These improvements can help to reduce stress and aid recuperation to improve mental and physical health plus cognitive performance. In doing so Biophilic Design can improve the health & wellbeing of many of the most important spaces in our lives spaces be it education, healthcare hospitality, the workplace environments.

The resulting benefits include improving rates of productivity, creativity whilst reducing absenteeism and presentism – creating happier healthier places to live and work.

In the seminar he will explain what Biophilic Design is, how to apply it to buildings at a variety of costs, plus demonstrate how to build a business case to support its implementation.

Over the last 10 years Oliver has presented in excess of 400 RIBA certified CPD seminars and workshops on the subject to architects, designers and building stakeholders around the world.


His design work focuses on research, thought leadership, design and advocacy to support the creation of a healthy and sustainable built environment.

Additonally, see Oliver's interactive workshop here. 

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