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We provide an end to end solution for businesses wanting to create more inclusive and productive future workspaces for their employees and customers

How do I create a neuro-inclusive workplace?

How do I create workspaces that better support employees with their new ways of working?

Despite various incentives, why is our workspace still at minimal occupancy? 

How can I improve employee performance, productivity and wellbeing?

How do I create a sense of social connection, community and inclusivity?

"Every £1 Spent By Employers On Mental Health Interventions Can Expect £5 Back" Deloitte

Effectively designed future workspaces will encourage and invite employees to want to return to the workplace. They will feel healthier, happier and more productive when they are there.


Founder and Workplace Consultant, Kirsty Hayward 

How Can we Help


How We Can Help

Increasing levels of research continue to highlight that the TWO main risks to employee health are psychological. 

With mental ill health and stress being two of the top three causes of long-term absenteeism; it's time to make a change.

By creating working environments that promote health, happiness and physiological and psychological safety, you’re not only investing in productivity and hugely improved levels of employee retention but also the quality of your overall work culture.


Post pandemic, with the ways in which we currently work EVOLVING, so too must our workspaces.


So, whether you're looking to future-proof your workspaces, create a sense of community, diversity and inclusion, improve retention, reduce sickness and absenteeism: we've got the solution. 

We've brought together a team of market-leading workplace experts, in one convenient place, with the same goal in mind. 


To help your business become a healthier, happier, more inclusive and productive place to work.

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The Financial Impact Of Employee Mental Health 

"£2.4 Billion

Per year spent by employers

in UK alone due to

mental health."

"£53 - 56 Billion

Spent by employers in 2021-22

due to employee

mental health"

"72 Million

Days lost per year to poor employee

mental health"

Our Workplace Services

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Transforming Workspaces

Creating Inspirational Workspaces


Do you want to create an engaging workspace that improves inclusivity,  employee mental and physical health and performance?

Our interior design, and refurbishment associates can transform your working environment. 

You can expect to see significant reductions in energy and running costs, better support those with neurodiversity and provide opportunities for empowerment, independence and autonomy.  


We can also carry out pre and post occupancy analysis, capturing vital behavioural, productivity, attendance and performance changes.

Workshops & Coaching 

Workshops, Webinars and Coaching. Zoom image.

Do you want to build a sense of community, drive employee engagement and create a positive business culture? 

With over 70 workshops and webinars to choose from, our workplace experts provide support within organisational phycology, neurodiversity, mental and physical health, menopause, suicide awareness, leadership and more. 
Our multi-diverse team of associates also provide 1-2-1 or focus group training and coaching on specific topics for longer term support.

Workplace Consultancy

Workplace Change Consultancy. Workbook image

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your workplace or deliver a specific workplace initiative or project - but don't have the time or in-house expertise?

We provide bespoke workplace change consultancy where our workplace consultants immerse themselves within your business and work closely with your leadership team and employees. 


We can make recommendations, propose and deliver workplace wellbeing initiatives, or deliver workplace projects, all based on your specific business goals, budgets, timescales and employee needs. 

Social and Environmental Impact


As part of our core values, we not only care about people but we  care about the planet too.​


As part of our fully inclusive and sustainable design process, everything we do is focused on ensuring we conserve natural resources and materials through the integration of biophilic design principles. 

This not only provides multiple benefits to the occupants within the spaces we create, but also the environment we live in by increases biodiversity, reducing carbon footprint and helps to conserve natural resources.

​Because we're a business driven by our social and environmental purpose and not profitability;


We are super excited about becoming a Social Enterprise!

Very soon, 50% of our profits will contribute to supporting the community or social purpose aligned with our core values and principles.

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

"My team and I worked extensively with Kirsty and her team on a GB business wide project, renovating and improving the look and feel experience for all manufacturing sites of my then employer as well as providing all of the furniture for a move to a new Global HQ.
I found Kirsty to be the consummate professional and someone who really took the time to understand the organisation, the culture, the people and the nuances geographically in a business with operations from Scotland to London.
Would highly recommend!"
Richard Greeves
PLC Category Lead,
Pladis Global
"Kirsty organised and managed the complete transformation of our offices and facilities as part of a full turnkey programme across three phases during lockdown.
Despite the obvious difficulties the project was a huge success.
Really great to work with Kirsty and the team and we are absolutely delighted with the results.
Happy to give the strongest recommendation of Kirsty to any prospective clients"
Michael Treacey
CEO at Mabeybridge,
(ACROW Group Global)
"Kirsty is one of the most passionate, organised and reliable people I have worked with.
I have been working with her for almost 3 years and she is one of lifes most enthusiastic and positive people.
She is highly dedicated, carefully creating inspiring and creative workplaces that promote employee wellbeing.
I can highly recommend Kirsty and her team!"
T6 Transforming Surfaces

Business Address


Trading as Kirsty Hayward Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

 124 City Road




Company No: 13954846

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